Tumour heterogeneity in prostate cancer

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Note: Large data volume. It is recommended that your device is connected to a reliable WiFi network.

Tumour heterogeniety in prostate cancer

These interactive graphics demonstrate extensive and minimal 3D reconstruction of prostate cancer. The models were created with digitised H&E stained tissue sections and configured into spatial context. The minimal models are reconstructed using one section from each tissue block. The extensive model is reconstructed using up to eighteen sections from each block. One prostate specimen yields forty-seven blocks.

The models visualize the growth of different tumour populations. Each model provides information about heterogeniety in regional distribution of prostate cancer biomarkers: Gleason score, DNA ploidy and PTEN expression.

To use, simply select a model type below and swipe the graphics to rotate the models. Click/press on a tumour segment to view the underpinning section image.

Extensive reconstruction Minimal reconstruction